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Next Auction --> To Be Announced  - 6pm Eastern Time USA 

Items will be listed a week in advance to allow absentee bids!  

An Online Chat Room Auction is a live - real time auction that takes place in a chat window on a website. Bidders register ahead of time and login a few minutes before the auction.  

 If you are new, you will need to register first. Click where it says, "Register." Once you finish that, you will be back on this page.  (Chat room window will open magically once you register or log in) 

If you have trouble registering, Email Me your address & I will register you. -Joyce

Detail Photos with descriptions will be loaded below Chat Window in advance of auction.     

Low Starting Bids. Increments $1 to $10 (bid $1 or more) - $11 to $50 (bid $2 or more) - $51 or over bid $5 increments.

Can't attend auction? After you log in, you may leave an absentee bid. There is a bid button to the right of each item on inventory list, below chat room window. Starting bid for each item will change if I receive a higher bid. So bid your maximum you are willing to pay, or check back and increase your bid. Absentee bidding stops 1/2 hr. before auction starts. You can check or edit your bids by clicking on your name at top right of this page. Bids are only in dollar increments. *Please bid the highest you are willing to go. Keep track of your bids and check back to see if you are outbid, I do not notify you if someone outbids you. 

During an auction, you would bid or comment by clicking on the bottom line of the chat window, where it says 'Type a message." and type there, hit enter or send.  Items are offered in order of number, photos and descriptions will be loaded.   Auctioneer will start bidding & after it appears bidding is done, will type 'Last Call' - the auctioneer waits 15 seconds, if no further bids, item is SOLD to high bidder. There is NO reserve!
At the end of auction, you will be sent an invoice, with shipping added in, which can be paid by credit card or paypal. There is no buyers premium.
 Satisfaction Always Guaranteed!
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