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Next Auction --> Sunday July 12, 2020 - 6pm EST USA

An Online Chat Room Auction is a live - real time auction that takes place in a chat window on a website. Bidders register ahead of time and login a few minutes before the auction.  

 If you are new, you will need to register first. Click where it says, "Register." Once you finish that, you will be back on this page. You will then need to click 'LOGIN' and enter your email and password to be able to enter chat room. (Chat room window will open magically once you log in)

Photos & descriptions will be loaded below in advance of auction.

During an auction, you would bid or comment by clicking on the bottom line of the chat window, where it says 'Type a message." and type there, hit enter or send.  Items are offered in order of number, photos and descriptions will be loaded.  

Bids start at $1. Increments $1 to $10 ($1 or more) - $11 to $50 ($2 or more) - $51 or over $5 increments.

Auctioneer will start bidding & after it appears bidding is done, will type 'Last Call' - the auctioneer waits 15 seconds, if no further bids, item is SOLD to high bidder. There is NO reserve!
At the end of auction, you will be sent an invoice, with shipping added in, which can be paid by credit card or paypal. There is no buyers premium.
 Satisfaction Always Guaranteed!

Our items up for Auction 7/12/20


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1Lot 1 Original 1960s/70s ZONKERS Clackers - Mint Unused, in original Sealed package. NEVER USED! Acrylic balls with sturdy string already attached through each ball and, with a ring to hold onto! These are translucent colors Purple & Orange. Small side-tear in bag. Bid Starts at $1
2Lot 2 - 1960s FIZZ-NIK. Make your own Instant Ice Cream Float. Mint Unused in original Package. Bid starts at $1
3Lot 3 - Vintage Electrolux Vacuum Bank. Mint condition. 5" long. Bid starts at $1
4Lot 4 - Vintage 1970s NYSDEC (New Your State Dept. of Environmental Conservation). Hiker Whistle. Mint condition. Works. RARE. They don't give you anything now. Bid starts at $1
5Lot 5 - 1950s Lead Wounded Soldier Figure & WW2 Era Soldier's Prayer Book, Mint. Dated 1943. Bid starts at $1
6Lot 6 - RAID Radio 1970s. Radio Works. But could not get the clock to work. 8" long. No cracks or chips. Bid starts at $1
7Lot 7 Hy Speed Metal Red Wagon. Measures 15" x 7" & 6" tall. Some age shown. Handle needs a screw. Bid Starts at $1
8Lot 8 - 1968 Windigo Strategy Game with boats. All Mint and complete. Very good box. by RW Associates. "This is a yacht racing game from the 60's. Sort of like Regatta or Yacht Race. Board is big & very nicely painted. The yachts are in a plastic holder. There is a wind marker that moves every turn & a die. Bid Starts at $1
9LOT 9 - Cruiser AM Transistor Radio by WACO Japan. 11" long. Excellent, no cracks or chips. WORKS! 1970s. Bid starts at $1
10Lot 10 - Bakelite 'Lucky Clown' Dexterity Puzzle. 1940s. 7" x 5". Excellent & works perfectly. Bid Starts at $1
11Lot 11 - KODAK Advertising Lot. 2 Photography Books and all the 'Kodak News' brochures. All Very good to excellent. Dating from 1950s to early 60s. Bid starts at $1 for ALL.
12Lot 12 - 1950s Lg Plush Stuffed Teddy Bear. 18" tall. Fully Jointed. Head, arms and legs. Excellent condition. No tags. Bid Starts at $1
13Lot 13 - 2 1960s Sock Monkeys from same estate. Selling together. Clown all excellent/mint. 22" long. Other guy is 17" long. 3 small tears. Bid Starts at $1 for BOTH
14Lot 14 - JUMBLE JUNGLE Game. Dated 1949. All excellent & Complete. Flip book inside to change animal body parts. Bid starts at $1
15Lot 15 - SKY WHISTLE Flying Prop. Mint on Card. Never Used. 11" diameter flying toy by Empire Plastics. 1960s. Bid starts at $1
16Lot 16 - 1956 Child's Scrapbook Album. 12" x 14" book has 34 pages packed full of Cards. Shower, Congrats, Easter, Christmas, Valentines, 1st Birthday, and a few photos. Pages are all loose, edge tearing. Cards all intact. Bid starts at $1
17Lot 17 - Happy Families Card Game. Made in England. 1960s. Deck is complete and cards are excellent! Box shows wear and tear. Directions included. Bid starts at $1
18Lot 18 - 1960s DICK Cap Gun. 4.5" long. All excellent. Works great. Bid starts at $1
19lot 19 - 1960s Hubley CHIEF Cap Gun. 7.5" long. All excellent. Works Great! Very Ornate. Bid starts at $1
20Lot 20 - 1960s Big Horn Die Cast Metal Cap Gun. 7.5" long. Very ornate and detailed. All excellent. works great. Takes the single press on caps. there are 6 divided areas to place them. Bid starts at $1.
21Lot 21 - Classic Illustrated Comic Books. 10 in the lot. 1960s. Nice Selection - good stories. Normal wear and tear. Bid starts at $1 for ALL!
22Lot 22 - 5 Vintage TV Show Comics. Dated 1965-1966. All are in beautiful shape! Crisp & Clean! Gidget, Bonanza & The Big Valley are all 1st Issues! There are no loose pages, writing or tears, except small 1" tear, and wrinkle on back cover of My Favorite Martian. Bid starts at $1 for All
23Lot 23 - Vintage Music Lot. THE LOVIN' SPOONFUL Guitar Book 1967, 45rpm picture sleeves, no records. 2 DOWN BEAT Magazines 1972 (Jazz,Blues & Rock). Plus 1977 HAIR Program from the Biltmore. PLUS Robert Goulet Souvenir book from 1963 performance at Oakdale Theatre, CT. Bid starts at $1 for All
24Lot 24 - 1950s Flex-I-Track for O gauge trains. There are 2 pieces in the box. One is 4' and the other is 6'. Track is metal with wood & all excellent. Box has wear, tear & lid missing 1 side flap. Bid starts at $1.
25Lot 25 - Vintage 1980s Adam's Tricks. All still sealed Never Opened. 10 of them, all different! Bid starts at $1 for ALL
26Lot 26 - Army Soliders 6" tall. All Mint condition. All are same color green. Not sure what happened there. No maker mark. 1960s. Bid starts at $1
27Lot 27 - 3 1950s Kid's Books. ATOMS, INSECT WORLD & WORLD OF ANTS. All excellent. Great Illustrations. Bid starts at $1 for all
28Lot 28 - 1930s Cartoons Postcard Lot of 23. All are 3.5" x 5.5", Unused & all in super condition. First one is by CT Pickaninny Comics & SEWN ON THE POSTCARD is a Tiny Little BAG of SALT from The Great Salt Lake, UTAH. APEX NOVELTY S. L. CITY. The rest are various funny cards from TICHNOR Bros. Bid Starts at $1 for ALL!
29Lot 29 1950s Ride On Sports Car. 24" long. No makers mark found. Molded Plastic. Wood frame, metal steering wheel. All good condition. 2.5" crack on 1 corner. Underneath is missing 2 of the little pop in metal wheels. Shipping on this would be Approx. $24 Near NY, $30 to PA,VA,OH. $40 to FL,TX. $54 to CA. Start Bid at $1.
30Lot 30 - 7 Vintage Electronic Handheld Games Lot. Dated 1978- 1981. All from same estate. All 7 work fine, Quiz Wiz by Coleco, Merlin Parker Bros, Midway Pacman, Musical Marvin, Computer Perfection by Lakeside, Zodiac by Coleco, Space Invaders. No cracks or chips. 2 missing battery covers. Bid starts at $1 for all.
31Lot 31 Vintage Space Station 5-X0. Needlework 3D Art Kit. Finished, attached to wood frame. 18" x 24". 1982. Bid Starts at $1
32Lot 32 - Flossie & Bossie the Cows & Biff the Bull with their Barn. Part of the RARE 1948 Cheerios Premium Lone Ranger Frontier Town set. Cardboard barn is 4.5" long & Cow figures are 1.25" long. Bid starts at $1
33Lot 33 - NYC Lot 1950s Rockefeller Center Guided Tour Tin Pin, 2". PLUS the Early 'small Y' NYC Subway Token, about the size of a dime. These were used from 1953 to 1966 and cost 15cents! Bid starts at $1 for both.
34Lot 34 - Surprise Item!